UniFi Protect G3 FLEX Camera

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  • WC10504
Stylish Full HD (1080p) mini turret camera with infrared LEDs and versatile mounting options... mere
Specifikationer "UniFi Protect G3 FLEX Camera"

Stylish Full HD (1080p) mini turret camera with infrared LEDs and versatile mounting options for indoor and outdoor installations.

UniFi Protect G3 Flex camera is a Day/Night security camera that features crisp 1080p video with IR capability. The flexibility of moute allow to put the camera anywhere, like on-table, on the indoor wall, on the outdoor wall, on pole, even put them in or on the ceiling.


    • 1080p, 25 FPS Video
    • Day and Night Recording with Integrated IR LEDs
    • Weather-Resistant with plastic injection parts
    • Versatile mounts for table, in/outdoor on-wall, pole, & in/on ceiling
    • Built-in Microphone
    • POE 802.3af
    • Managed by UniFi Protect Software
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