Eve Extend (HomeKit)

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From your second floor and garage to your wine cellar and terrace, Eve Extend expands your... mere
Specifikationer "Eve Extend (HomeKit)"

From your second floor and garage to your wine cellar and terrace, Eve Extend expands your reach to Bluetooth-enabled Eve accessories in the furthest corners of your home, and beyond. For seamless control of your entire Eve ecosystem.

Experience total wireless freedom. 

Eve Extend connects directly to Eve accessories beyond the range of your iPhone or home hub, and makes them available across your Wi-Fi network. Now, no obstacle stands in the way, and no location is off-limits. Whether checking basement humidity levels or activating your garden sprinkler, every Eve accessory is within reach. 

Set up with absolute ease.

Find a spot anywhere within your Wi-Fi network. Connect to a power outlet. Securely add Eve Extend by pointing your iPhone camera at the HomeKit setup code. And let the Eve app walk you through the setup process. It’s so easy, you’ll be connected to all your Eve accessories in no time.

Enjoy complete data privacy.

Like the Eve app, Eve Extend knows exactly what your accessories are up to. But that’s where it ends. Your data is never analyzed, shared, or sent to a cloud. Even when accessing your home remotely, your usage information remains yours, and yours only.

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