WACOM Intuos S Black

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Redefining the professional standard in creative pen tablets Wacom Intuos Pro offers you more... mere
Specifikationer "WACOM Intuos S Black"

Redefining the professional standard in creative pen tablets

Wacom Intuos Pro offers you more natural creative control than ever before. Combined with the super-sensitive Wacom Pro Pen 2, our sleek new tablet looks and feels amazing. Like to start your projects on paper? The Paper Edition enables to automatically convert paper sketches into digital files, as you draw. Perfect for your next creative breakthrough.

For artists and designers who want to work completely digital from start to finish, Wacom Intuos Pro lets you illustrate, edit or design with more natural creative control than ever before.


  • Features a creative pen with tilt-recognition and virtually lag–free tracking.
  • Customizable ExpressKeys™, Radial Menu and pen side switches to help boost productivity.
  • Super-slim tablet design with compact footprint and premium materials.
  • Accessories (sold separately) include: Wacom Pro Pen slim, Wacom Paper Clip, Wacom Finetip Pen, Wacom Ballpoint Pen, Pen Nibs, Refills, Wacom Soft Case Medium, Wacom Texture Sheets

Wacom Pro Pen 2 - Natural and precise

Our state-of-the-art creative pen, Wacom Pro Pen 2 is included with Wacom Intuos Pro. Featuring 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and unparalleled tilt recognition every stroke and move of your hand is followed with unerring accuracy.

What's Included

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Pen Tablet small
  • Wacom Pro Pen 2 (battery-free)
  • Pen stand (includes 6 standard nibs, 4 Felt nibs)
  • 4 extra pen color rings
  • Texture sheet sample card
  • 2m (6.6ft) USB cable
  • Quick start guide
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